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Plus RF CP Plastic Laser Cutting Machine

The PLUS CP RF in the best solution in terms of affordability and efficiency. It has a small footprint combined with having linermotors. The PLUS CP RF systems offer great accessibility to the working area of the plastic laser cutting machine allowing the ease of loading/unloading of the processed material. The PLUS CP RF has two different available working areas: 3080×2050 mm and 2550×1550 mm.

In the catalog there is also a non-CP version of this machine and it is the PLUS RF3020.

Technical Features

Laser Power350W - 550W - 750W - 850W
Work area2515 - 3020
Z axis100
Speedup to 140m/min (5500 inch/min)
Accellerationup to 25 m/s² (2,5 g)
CO2 sources350 - 550 - 750 - 850 Watt
2D working area2550x1550 mm; 3080x2050mm
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Software Solution

  • smart-card
    Smart Card
  • smart-composer
    Smart Composer
  • smart-raster
    Smart Raster
  • smart-LGP
    Smart LGP
  • smart-camera
    Smart Camera

Hardware Solutions

  • capacitive-head
    Capacitive head
  • camera-vison-system-CCD
    Camera Vison system (CCD)
  • pallet-change
    Pallet Change
  • manual-extractable-table
    Manual extractable table
  • blowers
  • suction-plate
    Suction plate

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