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Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Browse an extensive range of premier laser cutting machines brought to you by the Partwell Group.  Our catalogue exclusively features advanced metal cutting machines of the highest quality, perfect for all sheet metal and aluminum cutting requirements.

Check out the latest fibre laser cutting machines, heavy-duty steel laser cutting machines and so much more besides.

Whatever your requirements and budget, see our dynamic range of metal laser cutting machines and improve your production output.

Check out our latest metal cutting machines for sale online or contact a member of the team at Partwell Group to discuss your requirements in more detail.


CO2 laser cutting is now one of the most appreciated processes in many industrial sectors, thanks to the excellent results that can be obtained.

  • CO2 & Fiber laser cutting and engraving on metallic materials
    CO2 & Fiber laser cutting and engraving on metallic materials


Cutlite Penta systems are specialized in application on metal and plastic materials and in die and cut and 2D cutting operations.

  • Industrial Production
  • Automotive Sector
  • Household Appliances
  • Sign Market
  • Various Metal Structural Works
  • Lighting
  • Architecture
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Infrastructures

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